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Sex Video photo trailer
Monique et Julie
Sex comedy. Random episodes from the lives of the pupils at a girls' academy, the Papillon d'Or.These are linked by the rambling comments of Barnaby, the elderly principal, on the character of his charges (his "angelic butterflies").
Starring: Marilyn Jess Bernard Musson Rudy Lenoir Jean Tolzac Jean-Louis Cabula Gilbert Servien Germaine Dhont Huguette Parmain Carole Le PersLine Duquesnoy Huguette Mathieu Catherine Engel Celine Galone Didier Aubriot
During the mid-1980's, porn producers were awash in success, riding a video boom to unheard of riches. Lots of production companies pumped some of their money back into their films, taking stars and crews on the road to Austra lia or Europe and producing big-budget sexvids full of eye-popping scenery and red-hot sex. Porn Star Marilyn Jess is a European sex star who often found herself hooking up with American producers when they came to Europe and needed an actress who could hold her own with American starlets. Marilyn Jess' a French girl whose blonde beauty is all-encompassing. She's a very full-breasted, yet all-natural girl whose womanly body and sexual charms made her the hottest thing in lots of 80's productions. Marilyn Jess turned in some sparkling sex scenes during her lengthy career, every one of them chock-full of energy and a willingness to do anything. Leslie in 'Grand Prixxx' or romping with Jeannie Pepper and Christy Fabienne in 'Paris Models' and it's clear that Marilyn Jess' one porn star who would have been big no matter what continent she was on. Several of Marilyn Jess' European feautres have been dubbed and are available Stateside, including 'The Arrangement' and 'Forbidden Pleasures'. Marilyn Jess retired from the porn scene in the early 90's, but she's got lots of raunchy romps recorded for your viewing pleasure.

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1. Les Cuissardes (1978)
2. Collegiennes a tout faire (1978)
3. Trois lyceennes a Paris (1979)
4. Monique et Julie (1979)
5. Pensionat heiblutiger Teens (1979)
6. Monique (1979)
7. Le Journal Erotique D'une Thailandaise (1980)
8. Madchen, Madchen, Madchen (1981)
9. Poker Show (1981)
10. Internatsgeheimnisse junger Madchen (1981)
11. Marilyn - Bizarre Begierden (1982)
12. Teenager in Love (1982)
13. Hey Baby, hey (1983)
14. Diamond Baby (1983)
15. Hotel Lesbos (1985)
16. Sens interdits (1985)
17. Sex Akademie (1986)
18. Initiation d'une Jeune Marquise (1987)
19. Girl with the Million Dollar Legs (1987)
20. Traci, I Love You (1987)
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