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Date of birth: 7 May 1968
Traci Lords was born Nora Louise Kuzma in Steubenville, Ohio on May 7, 1968. Her only legal sexvid is 1987's 'Traci, I Love You,' a self-produced star vehicle she made in France. The huge publicity generated by her admission made Traci Lords a household name, and she has since parlayed her notoriety into a good deal of mainstream success. Traci Lords has landed parts in quite a few 'legit' flicks, including John Waters' 'Cry Baby,' 'Not Of This Earth,' and the 1998 vampire thriller 'Blade.' Traci Lords' had a stint as the resident bad girl on Fox's 'Melrose Place' and even had a hit record in the mid-90's with her dance CD '1000 Fires.' Traci Lords continues to pursue a mainstream acting and singing career. Ironically, her banishment from the porno biz has led her to more crossover success than any other hardcore starlet to date.

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"Traci Lords Porn"
Alternate Names:
Nora Kuzma | Stacy Lords | Traci Elizabeth Lords | Tracie Lords|Tracy Lords
"Traci, I Love You"
Traci Lords | Marilyn JessGabrie l Pontello | Alban Ceray
Description: Porn Star Traci Lords is one of the most controversial and well-known figures in porno history. A blowsy blonde strumpet with a penchant for vocal sexual hysterics, Traci Lords was one of the top starlets of the mid-80's. Traci Lords naturally breasty figure and wide-mouthed, pouty good looks took her straight to the top of the business within months of her debut. Description: This is a story of a glamour photographer's fixation with a beautiful model named Traci. He finds her image to be the very essence of sensuality. She finally agrees to pose for him and they begin a love affair, where he helps her to explore her sexuality through his underworld connections.

Review from users:(Adorado)
This film has an international feel to it. It was shot on location mostly in Paris, France. Production values are high. The story though is the already and widely used-- girl searching for fame and fortune in the cities. Camera angles are very good. Lots of full body shots. Though a few of the scenes are somewhat affected a bit by sloppy editing. There are a lot of sex scenes to last you a lifetime. And most of all, you'll get to see more of Traci in all her glory. The film has a narrative style in that you can hear the protagonists' thoughts and feelings spoken out loud from time to time. The story starts with the voice of a guy speaking his thoughts and feelings about Ms. Traci Lords (Traci is pouting and posing in front of the camera). He is a photgrapher and speaks of first seeing Traci posing semi-naked in a beach (Traci is surrounded by hordes of photographers and looking quite delectable). He feels for her. He speaks of possession and other poetic words, but what he really feels and wants to say is to stick his cock up Traci's pussy. Traci goes to Paris to seek fame and fortune (She goes around town exposing her luscious breasts. She had just sold all her belongings and left America for the Old World. She meets the photographer--Jean Paul (The one who lusts for her), and agrees to be photographed in the nude.

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