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Filmography :      - 1. Monster Black Cocks N/A     - 2. Golden Age Of Porn: Young Seka N/A       - 3. Porn Star Legends - Seka N/A        - 4. A Taste Of Seka N/A [ Facial ]      - 5. Fuck Bush N/A Buy this DVD      - 6. Very Best Of Seka N/A Buy this DVD      - 7. Best Of John Holmes # 2 N/A Buy this DVD     - 8. Seka Triple Feature # 4 N/A Buy this DVD      - 9. Kandi Barbour Triple Feature N/A Buy this DVD   - 10. Lesbian Bras Busters Of The 1970's N/A Buy this DVD       - 11. Celebrity Super Stars N/A Buy this DVD    - 12. Inside Seka N/A Buy this DVD      - 13. Seka vs Kay Parker N/A Buy this DVD     - 14. VCX Diamond Collection N/A Buy this DVD      - 15. Lisa Deleeuw # 2: 4 Pack N/A Buy this DVD   - 16. Best Of VCX Classics # 2 N/A Buy this DVD       - 17. Asian Sluts In The 1970's N/A Buy this DVD    - 18. Seka Triple Feature # 2 N/A Buy this DVD      - 19. Seka's Oriental Massage N/A Buy this DVD
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One of the most popular porn starlets of all time, Seka's name is synonymous with 80's porn. Seka's a short-haired platinum blonde sex goddess who could perform any sex act with gusto and was able to raise temperatures with just a glance from her liquid eyes. Seka appeared in well over 100 films during her stay in the biz, and continues to turn up in 'Best Of' compilations. Seka was managing an X-rated bookstore in the mid-70's and found herself drawn to the lusty world depicted in her magazines. She moved to Los Angeles with the express ambition to be a sex star, never even considering trying out for more mianstream roles. Seka found work as a supporting player, but it wasn't until 1978's 'Blonde Fire,' where she starred opposite John Holmes, that she found the huge success that she'd been craving. Seka's popularity soared just as the adult film industry was experiencing its video boom, and her name was on the lips of everyone who was curious about this exploding film scene. Seka was a terrific businesswoman as well as sexual seductress, and she managed her own career with shrewdness and an eye on keeping herself at the top of the biz. And sure enough, for a time in the mid-80's, anything with the name Seka on it was a guaranteed hit. Her sultry, seductive appeal made her a top star right up until her final film, 1986's 'Careful He May Be Watching.' Seka currently lives in Chicago, where she keeps in touch with her still-huge fan base through her active fan club. Seka is a member of every porn star Hall of Fame there is, and she's earned her place as one of the top starlets ever, a true erotic legend.
Most frequent partners in DVD/Films: John Holmes John Leslie Paul Thomas
Text comments: Seka was probably the most beautiful porn star of her time. everytime i see her in a movie, im just blown away! she was sooooo gorgeous! they called her "the marilyn monroe of porn" and she really was. she was a goddess and definently one of my favorite vintage porn stars.

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Year: 1980 Director: N/A Language: English Country: USA Length: 01h 13min 11sec Genre: Porn
Seka [ Anal, Facial ]|Lisa De Leeuw [ Facial ]|Alan Adrian|John Holmes|Ken Yontz|Mike Ranger
Sammlung von neun Szenen mit der Wasserstoffblondine Seka, die allesamt 1980 und 1981 gedreht worden sind. Obacht: Ihren Titel hat diese Compilation von einer der darin enthaltenen Szenen - und zwar der einzigen analen des ganzen Filmes. Dann und wann ist mal eine Lesboszene drunter, Porno-Legende John Holmes ist zweimal mit am Start. O-Ton gibts lediglich bei den letzten drei Szenen, zuvor ist konsequent Soundtrack (mal soulig-groovig, mal herrlich verjährter Synthiepop) angesagt. An Extras sind Trailer von drei weiteren Seka-Filmen mit drauf, ebenso wie eine Bildergalerie sowie Sekas Bio- und Filmografie.
Anal Ecstasy!
Anal Ecstasy!
Anal Ecstasy!
Anal Ecstasy!
Seka's Anal Ecstasy Watch(.mp4)
Seka's Anal Ecstasy Watch PART #1-4(.wmv)

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