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Frankie Leigh, Jeannie Pepper, Kim Alexis in vintage sex video

Kim Alexis AKA ( Kim Acosta, Kim Alexxxis, Kim Angeli, Kim L.X.S., Lylah Browning, Rita H., Toni Kristian ). Birthday: November 14, 1968. Astrology: Scorpion. Birthplace: n/a. Years Active: 1985 – 2007. Tattoo: Yes (Right shoulder blade, Small pink heart to left of pubes). Piercing: No. Frequent partners: Billy Dee, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron. Continue reading

Cassidy, Ok.C. Williams, Keisha modish oldness porn film

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Cassidy, K.C. Williams, Keisha in vintage porn movie

Keisha AKA (Keicha, Keish, Keisha Dominguez, Rachel Rios, Raquel Reos, Raquel Rios, Rocky Rio ). Birthday: October 25, 1966. Astrology: Scorpion. Birthplace: Los Angeles, United States. Years Active: 1984 – 2012. Continue reading

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Danielle, Jacqueline Lorians, Nikki Charm in vintage xxx site

Danielle AKA ( Danelle, Danielle Martin, Danniel, Dannielle, Melody ). Birthday: April 3, 1962. Astrology: Aries. Birthplace: Sacramento, United States. Years Active: 1980 – 2009. Continue reading

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P.J. Sparxx, T.T. Boy, Debi Diamond in classic fuck site

P.J. Sparxx AKA ( K.C. Kerrington, P.J. Kerrington, P.J. Sparks, P.J. Sparx, P.J. Sparxxx, PeeJay, PJ Sparxx, PJ Sparxxx ). Birthday: February 11, 1969. Astrology: Aquarius. Birthplace: CO, United States. Years Active: 1991 – 2012.
TT Boy AKA ( Butch, D.T. Boyd, J.T. Boy, Max Reynolds, Phil Rivera, T. T. Boy, T.T. Boy, The Troy Boy ). Birthday: April 30, 1968. Astrology: Taurus. Birthplace: Puerto Rico. Years Active: 1986 – 2012. Continue reading