Bridgette Monet suck David Cannon dick.

Bridgette Monet
Bridgette Monet
Let's Talk Sex
Let's Talk Sex
Let's Talk Sex
Find out what made legendary eighties porn so hot and thrilling!
Bridgette Monet
Date of birth: 28 June 1959; Alternate Names: Dana Cannon|Diana Diamond|Sara Hampshire|Dana Kunath|Bridgett Monet|Bridget Monet|Brigitte Monet|Bridgette Monet|Shelly
Most frequent partners in DVD/Films: David Cannon Mike Horner Kevin James

Porn Star Bridgette Monet certainly lives up to her chosen first name -- she's a lean, high-octane performer who's built for speed. Her hard-charging, dynamic sexuality made her one of the most highly sought-after starlets of the late 80's and early 90's. Bridgette Monet has a trim, freckled body with long legs, large breasts, and the slightly hard but still pretty face of a woman who has seen it all. Bridgette Monet worked as an exotic dancer before getting into porn, travelling throughout the U.S. and Canada as a featured performer. By 1986 the big bucks of hardcore proved too hard to resist, and Bridgette Monet moved to Los Angeles to give it a whirl. Her white-hot eroticism soon made her a top star. Bridgette Monet can do it all, going from groups to anals to lesbian scenes without missing a beat. Although she has turned her energies to producing and directing nowadays, Bridgette Monet can still turn on the erotic charm on-screen when she wants to. She gave a scorching performance in 'Buttman Vs. Buttwoman,' a big reason it won the XRCO's 1992 Video Of The Year award. In 1993, Bridgette Monet was again honored by the group, taking home the Best Anal Sex Scene award for her work in 'Arabian Nights.' With over 100 features to her credit, Bridgette Monet has a body of work almost as impressive as her own buxom bod. Rev yourself up in a hurry with any of her always scorching appearances -- especially that great all-time classic, 'Ten Little Maidens'. Bridgette Monet received the award in 1994 from the Adult Video News for the movie 'Servin' It Up'.
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Bridgette Monet
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"Let's Talk Sex"
Scene Details:
Year: 1987; Director: Fred J. Lincoln; Language: English; Country: USA; Length: 01h 11min 28sec; Genre: Porn Romance; Starring: Bridgette Monet; Linda Shaw; David Cannon; Becky Savage; Lauren Wilde; Kitten Natividad; Tom Byron; Mike Horner; Kevin James; Barbie Leigh; Cara Lott; Patricia Manning; Lili Marlene; Mona Page; Julia Parton; Herschel Savage; Melanie Scott; Paul Vatelli.

Description: Chapter 1 – Bridgette Monet And David Cannon: Cannon wants to break into the home of a nurse and have semi-rough sex with her, so that's where Monet comes in. He enters the house after she's stripped down to her lingerie and he makes her suck his dick. After that he takes everything off of her save for her stockings and then he eats her out. He mounts her and fucks her missionary style before she gets down on all fours so that he can go at her doggy style. He pulls out of her and she sucks him off to a big finish in her mouth.
Chapter 2 – Patricia Manning And Kevin James: At the side of the pool these two strike up a conversation but it isn't until Patricia gets in the bathroom that things heat up. Kevin wanders in to find her laying in a bubble bath pleasuring herself under the water, and after he watches her run her fingers through the fur, he moves in for the kill by dropping his pants and landing his cock in her mouth. He goes down on her for a bit and plays with her tits before they move outside to the lounge chair where she sucks his cock again. From there she climbs up top and rides him reverse cowgirl style so that he can play with her tits while they fuck. She slips around and he fucks her sideways, and then she sucks him off as he comes in her mouth.
Chapter 3 – Alexandria, Nina Alexander And Don Hart: Don, looking dorky in his overalls and baseball cap, is alone at the office when he makes a call. Alexandria shows up and eats Nina's pussy in the back room while she lays on the table, and as she does, Don walks in. The oral between the two girls intensifies, and when Don finally drops his pants they treat him to a double blowjob. Alexandria sits on his face while Nina rides him cowgirl style and the two play with one another's tits, before they go into a sixty-nine together so that Don can fuck Nina from behind. They spread his legs and give him another double blowjob that does the trick and makes him finish.
Chapter 4 – Becky Savage And Kitten Natividad: These two are all decked out in their formal evening gowns, frolicking in the bed together. Kitten takes off her top and we instantly realize why Russ Meyer was so goddamn obsessed with her for a while – her rack is astounding. Kitten spreads her legs and Becky eats her out, but it ends there. This ultra hot scene is simply too short.
Chapter 5 - 6 – Joy Larsen/Tina Ross: Joy comes home from a hard day at work and takes a call from Tina. They talk dirty to each other and each one starts to masturbate while on the phone with the other. Both girls are in lingerie and looking good, and at one point Joy uses the phone on her pussy to get herself off.
Chapter 7 – Marlene Matthews And Tom Byron: These two young lovebirds are hanging out in his bedroom reading a magazine together when the mood strikes. They strip down and he starts to sucking on her titties before they fool around a bit and he ends up sucking her clit. She blows him and then gets on her back with her legs spread so that he can fuck her pussy missionary style, then he rolls her over on to her side for more of the same. He pulls out and jerks it off all over her cute little belly.
Chapter 8 – Tina Ross And Herschel Savage: After playing some pool these two hook up and head back to his place where things heat up. They drink and he gets a phone call, once that's done, she shows off her stocking'd legs and strips for him while he takes off his shirt and pants. She plays with her tits and shows off her body a little bit and then gives him a pretty slick looking blowjob. After she's sucked him he gets her on her back with her legs spread and her fingers in her twat holding it open so that he can lick it for her. Once the oral antics are over with she gets on top of him and rides him cowgirl style, and then the fuck missionary style before he pulls out and she sucks him off, at which point he shoots his goop onto her face.

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