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1fc41b130flola Lola

Remember that cute little tease who always wore her dresses a little too short or stared at your crotch a little too long, left her blouse open just enough to drive you nuts. She was always the one you wanted really badly, the one who knew all those naughty tricks that we all talked about in the locker rooms. Well here she is, Lola. From the classroom to the bedroom she’s layed waste to men and women alike with her b bedroom eyes and her lollipop lips. It’s a classic tale about a classic tail. As only Sin City can tell it.

Lenght: 01:20:08

Year: 1995

Director: Stuart Canterbury


Bun Busters 7

c3d5796e41ters 7 Bun Busters 7

A series of anal mini-features including Tammi Ann! starring Tammi Ann and Tom Byron, Anal Mystery starring The Mystery Lady and Rodney Moore, and All That Fits starring Lydia Stone and Tim Lake.

Lenght: 01:16:25

Year: 1993

Director: N/A

Lydia Majors

Breast Worx 8

9164ece2ecworx 8 Breast Worx 8

Bobby ‘I Love Tits’ Hollander invites you to take an x-cursion through his wonderful world of BreastWorx. The first step is Brittany Foxx’s deluxe hyper hooters. These babies are just crying to be manhandled by a guy named Danny Boy. He’s happy to oblige. Danny’s a big man with big hands and big plans – and they all center on Brittany foxy box and bodacious booty. Don’t spill the juicy ending… Brittany wants it all for herself. Next stop is Taylor Wayne’s place for an informal muff session with Gina, their British friend. Gina sports a nice set of “Hail Britannias” and a clit that has Taylor Wayne’s name written all over it. This one goes over the top and under the bottom for a parting rimshot. Misty Reagan finishes up with a bang! Before she does, we are treated to a guided your of every nook and cranny of her ample, bone-honed body.

Lenght: 01:10:14

Year: 1991

Director: Bobby Hollander

Brittany Fox

Neighborhood Watch 33

dab324fd69tch 33 Neighborhood Watch 33

The moment he lays eyes on China Mai, Damien knows that she’s his cup of Oriental tease. When it comes to muffs, there’s nothing like a deep Dim Sum dive! As, Confucious say, “The best thing about fortune nookie is getting inside. Monique is an educated woman who generally prefers her men with plenty of sexual experience. In wisemark’s case, she’s willing to make an exception! He may be young, but he’s obviously a graduate from the school of “hard cocks”! Karla, the mistress of the manor, rules her domain with an iron glove. Before she hires Damien as her butler, Karla made sure he was clear on his job description… when she rings for him, he cums!

Lenght: 01:06:31

Year: 1992

Director: N/A

China Mai

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