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Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Erotic Boutique

f7cf4a40b8utique The Erotic Boutique

Tony, owner of The Erotic Boutique, turns girls on by selling them antique clothing — a perfectly reasonable premise for a porno movie. While getting head from a lovely ’70s vixen, Tony says, “Give it a few more sucks, baby, and then climb aboard!” That’s Tony for you! A character right out of a cheap TV commercial for aluminum siding or a car paint job. Of greater interest than Tony, however, is Tony’s shopgirl. You may recognize her as the sweet meat from He and She, the living end of nubility and nookie. She actually smiles with a cock in her mouth! As the poet Keats said, “A gal who really enjoys giving head is a joy forever.” The dialogue is cretinous. You can regularly overhear the director issuing commands to the confused actors and, in one unforgettable moment, after one actress asks a question and another actress doesn’t respond, there’s an awkward silence until the first actress leans over and whispers, “You’re supposed to say, Try this, it’s very pretty’”— a line which the forgetful actress, after a beat, at long last delivers! If that ain’t enough, the final scene is set at the beach — which is really the same room where the boutique props were set up, only now there’s a blanket on the floor! Only the ’70s could have generated such a film. The Deviate luved it!

Lenght: 00:57:28

Year: 1972

Director: T. Parker

Chlorine Stillwater   
Tony Deluca   

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Girl Watchers

4db43be2a6tchers Girl Watchers

Girl Watchers is like a pornographic guessing game. What do the following have in common? 1.) Two guys at a picnic have a girl sandwich. 2.) A housewife watching a soap opera called No-Tell Motel masturbates with a squash. 3.) A couple wake up late in a motel. The guy turns to the woman and says, “Let’s fuck till the world explodes!” And 4.) A hardhat drills into a female passerby on a job site. Give up? Hey, they’ve got nothing in common, other than being slimy little porn scenes in one big overall slimy porn flick. And what the hell’s wrong with that?

Lenght: 00:51:03

Year: 1975

Director: N/A

Penny King   
Tina Smith   
Tricia Opal   

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Backdoor Summer 2

02696493bammer 2 Backdoor Summer 2

This is a rump humpers delight of the ultimate kind… Backdoor rituals performed like no others can… You’ll see twisting like you’ve never seen before… Backdoor Summer 2 is one of the great classic movies from the eighties golden age of porno!

Lenght: 01:19:02

Year: 1989

Director: Gordon Vandermeer

Ginger Lynn   
Kassi Nova   
Lorrie Lovett   
Lynn Ray   
Moana Pozzi   
Nina Hartley   
Rachel Ryan   
Ronnie Dickson   
Sherry Evans   
Tanya Foxx   
Tiffany Storm   
Tracey Adams   
Blake Palmer   
Buck Adams   
Jerry Butler   
Marc Wallice   
Peter North   
Ray Victory   
Ron Jeremy   
Tom Byron   

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