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Monthly Archives: November 2013

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Taija’s Tasty Treats

f052da53e4treats Taija’s Tasty Treats

Sex, friends and intrigue never hurt anybody, or at least not in the bad way. This is exactly what Taija finds out in this classic tale of sex and cum. Featuring some of the best stars in classic porn and plenty of tongue exercise too. This is perfect for a fan of the old school porn.

Lenght: 01:14:35

Year: 1988

Director: N/A

Dana Dylan

Mistress Candice

3ba48d6225andice Mistress Candice

Here’s the best big tit blonde Amazon, Mistress Candice. From over-the-top performances she made in long out of print xxx movies during the late 70′s and early 80′s. The menu today is: scrotum twisting, toe-sucking, dick-smacking, nipple-clamping, strap-on dildo fucking, foot worshipping, and pubes-yanking mayhem! Girls handcuffed to swallow cock; girls tied up and mauled, girls tethered and ass-fucked! And it goes both ways: even Bobby Astyr, R. Bolla and Ron Jeremy are submited of the Mistress! Also appearing, much to their debasement, are Lisa Deleeuw, Annie Sprinkle, Kandi Barbour and Long Jeanne Silver. All doing things you’d never thought you’d see them do!

Lenght: 01:58:47

Year: 1990

Director: N/A

Ron Jeremy

San Francisco Lesbians 1

b3670287f7ians 1 San Francisco Lesbians 1

Get ready for a San Franciscan romp through the garden of Sapphic Delight as our protagonist chronicles some of her many romantic interludes. Bask in temptation as you watch her sample fruits, veggies, and strap-on’s with a tattooed punk rock goddess. Then watch her indulge upon a fruit of another nature, as she tastes some ebony honey, and a whimsical threesome with two other nymphs. After all this indulgence she still finds time to give herself some extra special attention before the climax.

Lenght: 01:18:53

Year: 1993

Director: Micheala Regius

Michaela Regius

Sorority Sluts 3

73134f7bdaluts 3 Sorority Sluts 3

What goes better with girlfriendhood than sleaze? When these sorority sluts get together for some late night fun they have lesbian action like none other! It’s full on hardcore sorority girl action, lesbian, blowjob, threesomes and non-stop fucking. Don’t miss these sorority sluts.

Lenght: 01:43:39

Year: 1995

Director: N/A

Sunny Day

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