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Monthly Archives: December 2011

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Confessions of a Candystriper

28c95ace02triper Confessions of a Candystriper

Gorgeous blonde newcomer Angel West is Rachel, the newest candystriper at the local hospital. Angel’s got a heart of gold and she brings joy to each and every patient in her own special way — with her clothes off!

Lenght: 01:23:34

Year: 1984

Director: Leonard Kirtman

Angel West

Golden Age Of Porn: Amber Lynn

5d36c3c5b6r lynn Golden Age Of Porn: Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn was one of the 80′s greatest porn superstars! Her passionate screen presence and her sultry sex scenes are world famous! So don’t miss this awesome and amazing legend!

Lenght: 00:55:42

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Amber Lynn

Olinka Grand Priestess Of Love

Blonde bombshell Olinka, is always on the prowl for any new and wanton sexual experience. On the French Riviera, the Grand Priestess Of Love starts her erotic pilgrimage with a gala Gaulic girl-girl gang-bang which sets the torrid tempo for the rest of the flick. The Olinka and a bosom buddysun themselves by the pool (as only the Europeans know how!). Joined by two long-donged disciples, the two girls really give these sex-worshipers a taste of heaven. Finally, Olinka gets her carnal congregation together for a wild and raunchy revival that’s nothing short of inspirational.

Lenght: 00 h 56 min 41 sec

Year: 1985

Director: Jose Benazeraf

Olinka Hardiman


Debi Diamond is going to show you just how she likes to fuck “Scandalous”. This is an explosion of fuck fest frenzy that you will not soon forget. Enjoy the finer things in life and let your hair down or her hair down as you take that nice piece of ass from behind, and let it smack the top of your thighs as you fuck her as hard as she wants it.

Lenght: 01 h 13 min 00 sec

Year: 1990

Director: Scotty Fox

Debi Diamond

Kittens 1

Bruce Seven takes his fascination with incredibly beautiful, young, supple, innocent, nubile little girls “kittens” and runs with it. Right to the bedroom. With Heather Lere, Honey Rose, Sabrina Dawn, Bianca and Tianna. All rolling around white furry sheets, climbing into every crevice, purring at every stroke and petting. And petting. Watch Bruce Seven turn Kittens into tigers.

Lenght: 01 h 25 min 04 sec

Year: 1990

Director: Bruce Seven


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