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Monthly Archives: January 2013

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The Party

3100c10651party The Party

A disorderly couple organizes a “sexy party” and waits for its guests. There come an innocent and lovely girl. The couple takes a perverse pleasure in abusing her and then locked her in a trunk from which she can follow the course of the evening. The “celebration” begins. One of the participants discovered the presence of the girl. To the astonishment of all, she admits having taken taste to the show and asks for the “celebration” to continue, with her..

Lenght: 01:07:00

Year: 1979

Director: Patrick Aubin

Claudia Mehringer

Morbida gier nach lust

def1332810h lust Morbida gier nach lust

The Mike Hunter box cover uses invented names for the female cast. A classical ménage à trois where jealousy gains the upper hand and leads to a disaster which just two characters will survive. The art dealer Giovanni is searching for Diane, a blonde girl with curly hair whom he has met at a party months ago. At his home he watches her pictures on a slide projector. The scene fades to the house of Signora Geli, an attractive longhaired blonde painter who has a relationship with her model Diane. The women are sitting on a bed kissing and fondling each other. Miss Geli then slips a finger onto Diane’s clit and starts eating her out.

Lenght: 01:10:31

Year: 1983

Director: Arduino Sacco

Laura Prati

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