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Monthly Archives: December 2012

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Ingenues libertines

1100b03d3ertines Ingenues libertines

Marilyn Jess’s first scene seems to be the one from Marie salope for she can be seen masturbating behind a door to a room where Jean Leray is being given a blow-job by Brigitte Verbecq who then ends the scene in lesbian action with Monique Carrère. Later on Marilyn is introduced to Jacques Marbeuf and teases him in a white room.

Lenght: 01:05:08

Year: 1987

Director: N/A

Brigitte Verbecq

Alithini Idoni

93648daffeidoni Alithini Idoni

The glory and easy gain is the goal of every human being especially weak characters. A woman apparently influenced by its environment, leaving her husband to become a fashion model but actually made ​​sail to the deft hands of a smuggler.

Lenght: 01:09:03

Year: 1974

Director: Ilias Mylonakos

Tina Spathi

Esas chicas tan pu..

7bb19a8652tan pu Esas chicas tan pu..

Several women decide that a whore house catering to lesbians and gay men would be an easier way to make a living. It does not turn out to be so easy. Broken arms, lesbian triangles and jealousy, fetish requests, and so on make life interesting and hilarious. Non-Stop Naked Euro Babes and Simulated Sex in this Cult Sex Comedy, which is has tons of great Lesbian Content and great humor.

Lenght: 01:29:39

Year: 1982

Director: Ignacio Ferres Iquino

Emma Quer

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