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Monthly Archives: August 2012

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Schoolgirl By Day Woman By Night

4574cfa220night Schoolgirl By Day Woman By Night

Tess ist ein Schulmädchen, das mit sciner Mutter und deren Liebhaber, Benjamin, zusammenlebt. Es dauert nicht lange, und Benjamin wird das Ziel der Begierden von Tess und ihrer Schulfreundin, Jackie. Tess verliert ihre Unschuld, und abends tritt sie ihren Dienst bei Madame Lila an. In Lila’s “House of Pleasure” jedoch hat Vicky gewisse Zweifel, daß ein Schulmädchen den Job einer Frau machen kann, aber Tess entpuppt sich als Naturtalent – sehr zum Wohlgefallen der Kunden, Ernie, Harold und Vinnie.

Lenght: 01:25:25

Year: 1985

Director: Jack Remy

Honey Wilder

School For Hookers

af06301b7aookers School For Hookers

Slapped on Something Weird’s Volume 3 of its Dragon Art Theatre series, School for Hookers is an example of a “chaser”: a film so tedious that it served a useful purpose of helping to clear out bored patrons overstaying their grind-house welcome. Unless I was fast asleep, I would definitely have joined the rush to the exit back in the day.

Lenght: 00:53:22

Year: 1973

Director: N/A

Sharon Thorpe

Raging Hormones

616aabbbc2rmones Raging Hormones

Overactive imaginations, interactive situations and lap-top research! Hold onto your Hormones, this video features blue eyed Christina, a Swedish beauty with a perfect 6?2? body and a sexual appetite of a hyper active barracuda. This slut is definitely user friendly!

Lenght: 01:15:15

Year: 1992

Director: John T. Bone

Christine Appleigh

Presidential Peepers

31041ad2aaeepers Presidential Peepers

Here for the first time is porn icon Tina Russell’s final known feature, taken directly from the original 16 mm negative. It’s a classic, political, plot based adult film.

A particularly appropriate discovery for an election year, The Presidential Peepers is an X-rated spoof of Watergate politics featuring long-lost Nixon impersonator “Richard M. Dixon.” What is more, the film contains cameos by New York porn favorites Marc “10 ½” Stevens and Helen Madigan.

Lenght: 01:05:33

Year: 1975

Director: Latour Lamour

Helen Madigan

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