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Monthly Archives: February 2013

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Rebel Cheerleaders

a80ab5deeaeaders Rebel Cheerleaders

These Wildcats never lose because of the cheerleaders and how they play the game. Led by hot Yell Captain JR Carrington they ball the opposing team into fatigue, leaving them thinking about pussy not points. Join the always odd Paul Norman in his latest twisted tale., filled with letter jackets, pom poms and pleated skirts that come off so, so easy. Give a Rebel Yell for JR Carrington in Wave DVD’s Rebel Cheerleader.

Lenght: 01:23:38

Year: 1995

Director: Paul Norman

Dallas D’Amour

Thoroughly Modern Mary-Magdelene

81ee50534adelene Thoroughly Modern Mary Magdelene

Marie-Madeleine (Corrine Lemoine) is an assistant in a lingerie shop where the manager charges male customers to view the ladies’ changing rooms through a two-way mirror. Another assistant, Mandarine, is not averse to putting on a lesbian show with female customers, but Marie-Madeleine objects strongly when a male customer tries it on with her. However, she later meets Richard Lemieuvre in a bar and has a one-night stand with him. She wakes up alone to find some bank notes on her dressing table. One of her customers had been a prostitute and she later meets her in a café. She admits to having been glad of the money and her former customer introduces her to a madame. She is then drawn into the life of a prostitute, though she has feelings of guilt about this career, especially as she receives little respect from her clients. This culminates in her attendance at a sex party with Richard Lemieuvre who reveals that she is a prostitute and where she is then gang-banged. Hence she ends up with bandaged wrists in a hospital bed, but the words of her doctor seem to give her a more optimistic outlook.

Lenght: 01:26:00

Year: 1976

Director: Alain Payet

Corinne Lemoine

Rolling Thunder

740721cd8fhunder Rolling Thunder

Racquel’s a straight-laced girl who longs for life on the wild side. So she finds a roughneck in a biker bar. And gets down with him and his girl. And then she makes the mistake of marrying a workaholic who provides everything but pleasure. Can anyone or anything change her dreary existence? Well, if there’s a will and an open stool, Nikki and Felecia will show her the way. Join a cast of superstars in Derrick Lane’s Rolling Thunder.

Lenght: 01:06:23

Year: 1995

Director: Derek Lane

Bridgette Monroe

Supermodel 2

4ed74c3a58odel 2 Supermodel 2

She’s still saving the world. Only now we see her at home, as well as on top of 30-story office buildings, socking villians. Speaking of villians, evil Leena’s in this one too, along with beautiful exotic Asia Carrera, hot rocket blonde Kaitlyn Ashley, and stacked DDD’er Rebecca Wilde! They may not be Superman or Spiderman, but man, they are horny!

Lenght: 01:26:00

Year: 1994

Director: Bud Lee

Asia Carrera

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