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Monthly Archives: May 2011

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Coed’s clit badly rubbed!

dac67553f7344rke Coeds clit badly rubbed!
A very turning on private session was recorded by the home camera for us! Salacious bimbo climbs on her lover sitting in the arm chair and crazily jumps on his sticking pecker. She turns around and continues her nasty action at the same time enjoying her hard clit furiously rubbed!
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Alison and Rick like to play. Rick likes to tell Alison that she’s spoiled. He pampers her, in every way imaginable. He smiles as his little redhead gets spoiled rotten, enjoying the better things in life. He loves how he’s the one who spoils her. Giving her everything. And when she’s asleep he spoils her right to the edge of reason, never waking her, but always bringing her to a climax that could only be appreciated by someone spoiled so rotten.

Lenght: 01 h 15 min 20 sec

Year: 1987

Director: Stuart Canterbury

Nina Hartley

Hot Nights And Dirty Days

Novelist Byron finds that he runs into his characters in real life, to the point where he fears that if he were to write about atomic war, it would happen. Tracey Adams is great as usual: In one scene the bed breaks in what seems to be a real and unexpected event. Lots of sex!

Lenght: h min sec

Year: 1988

Director: John T. Bone

Tracey Adams

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