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Monthly Archives: November 2012

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Up Butts Road

38f6c8456cs road Up Butts Road

It’s all-anal from here! Cum watch butts get rode and gapers get creamed non-stop! It’s an all-night back-door boogie blowout at the party house on Butts Road. These gorgeous babes just love a high hard one between their creamy ass cheeks! They are sooo baaad and they do it sooo good!

Lenght: 01:21:13

Year: 1995

Director: N/A

Amber Woods

Bubble Butts 8

1359db2374utts 8 Bubble Butts 8

Someone once said “Big booty’s make the world go round.” We agreed, and this is out ode to da oval orifice. We traveled the country on a mission to find the biggest, roundest and tightest poopers around. We found these babes with titanic tushies, and took them for a test drive. Join us as we ride the butt mobile until the wheels fall off!

Lenght: 01:03:45

Year: 1992

Director: Bobby Hollander

Alicia Rio

Breast Worx 40

3353b4a4eeorx 40 Breast Worx 40

When Jade cums a knockin’ on Johnny’s door to borrow some sugar, he talks her into giving his patented, personal, liquid diet a shot. Unfortunately, most of it ends up all over her sexy titties. Don arrives home late from work to find Gabrielle attending to her own sexual needs. One look at her tasty breasties has him fulfilling her every necessity! Where tits are concerned, Buck is generally known to be finicky. Raven, however, has a pair that Buck simply can’t pass up on – and he wastes little time in attending to their proper care and lubrication.

Lenght: 01:01:49

Year: 1993

Director: Bobby Hollander


Girl Banger

b054d2e14dbanger Girl Banger

Juliet is as hot as they come. She’s so nasty I came twice, then this honey turns around and squirts on me! Kirsten’s natural giant tits and huge nipples will fill your mouth. Her perky body packs a punch! This cute milkmaid will make your mouth water and suck your cock dry! I love Midora’s natural blonde hair, natural breasts and tight succulent pussy. 18-year-old X-Tassy’s perfect figure is just ripe for fucking! She’s got the best hip-grinder I’ve ever seen. It’s so hot, you’ll pop twice! Oriental sweetie Tigger Lilly is a high class stripper. She’s got all the right moves for perfect sex…in fact, she let me in every hole!

Lenght: 01:56:21

Year: 1994

Director: N/A


Pleasure Productions 3

34c32d4362ions 3 Pleasure Productions 3

The excitement is contagious as experimental couples, bi triplets and lesbian playmates get it on and get it off in all of the time-honored ways. Continuous pumpage, tireless tongues and luscious young starlets in heat make for pulse-pounding bedroom adventure in each and every segment inside. Pleasure Productions #3 features stunning Cara Lott, sensuous Sunny Day and the beatuiful Gina Martelli. On hand to start these girls up are a group of the horniest and best hung male performers around, including Hershel Savage, Cody Nicole and Blake Palmer. These men get their women to respond first time, every time!

Lenght: 00:53:40

Year: 1984

Director: N/A

Cara Lott

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