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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Breakin In

3587ca4ae6kin in Breakin In

Greg and Brad are two wild and horny guys who never seem to get enough sex! Their fantasies are all they have on Saturday night when they watch X rated films at home. The guys decide to solve this dilemma by going to Hollywood and try breakin ‘into the porn biz. When their plan for porno stardom falls short, they decide to open their own studio and audition young succulent starlets on their own casting couch. Soon the dry spells is over for our studley directors! Hot horny starlets dying to break into the business freely audition themselves to see if they have the right stuff. The guys closely screen each and every lovely lady to see who will be breakin ‘into the lusty life of porno stardom.

Lenght: 01:09:23

Year: 1986

Director: Jerome Tanner

Jeanna Fine   
Nina Hartley   
Shanna McCullough   
Sharon Mitchell   
Siobhan Hunter   
Taija Rae   
Hershel Savage   
Joey Silvera   
John Leslie   
Randy Paul   

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Les Contes Immoraux

06ac7db514moraux Les Contes Immoraux

A peine sorti, ce film est devenu l’événement des festivals du X en obtenant les prix les plus prestigieux. Que ce soit la critique ou le public, tout le monde est unanime pour considérer ce grand moment du hard comme la référence en la matière.

Lenght: 01:09:33

Year: 1995

Director: Mario Salieri

Anita Dark   
Diana Stevenson   
Eva Orlowsky   
Giongy Fodor   
Masha Kley   
Michaela Soavi   
Nathalie Romel   
Sylvia Laurent   
Andrew Youngman   
David Perry   
Don Fernando   
Jean-Yves Le Castel   
John Walton   
Ron Jeremy   
Julian St. Jox   
Walter Midolo   

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Adolescenza Perversa

028bc72f12rversa Adolescenza Perversa

After having made headlines in the chronicles of X and unleashed passions with his masterpiece, VIVA ITALIA, Mario Salieri, strikes again even harder this time with VIVA ITALIA 2! A master alchemist of hard art, he turns this film of love and war into a booming blend of sordid sensuality. A historic recreation realistic down to every detail.

Lenght: 01:06:57

Year: 1994

Director: Mario Salieri

Deborah Wells   
Elodie Cherie   
Georgina Davis   
Lydia Chanel   
Kathy Marceau   
Lara Lambkin   
Nathaly Boet   
Angela Ambrus   
Tabatha Cash   
Christoph Clark   
Francesco Malcom   
Jean-Yves Le Castel   
John Walton   
Philippe Soine   
Piero Pieri   
Richard Langin   
Ubaldo Fazi   

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