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Monthly Archives: June 2014

L’Amour Aux Sports D’Hiver

2c99b7c6f3dhiver LAmour Aux Sports DHiver

White Heat is an erotic romp through snow-covered mountains, and it is one of the most exciting and beautiful adult films ever made. The situation is simple enough: a group of friends have decided to spend a weekend at a ski lodge, but what a group of friends! There are three men and three women along with a most amazing maid. All the women are beautiful, of course, but the one who will take your breath away is the Marilyn Monroe look-alike, the nymphet find of the 80′s, Olinka. So come join the fun of the seduction of Olinka. It’s beyond hot, it’s White Heat.

Lenght: 01:41:36

Year: 1981

Director: Michel Lemoine

Martina Alberti   
Mika Barthel   
Dany Berger   
Gabriel Pontello   

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Pensionnat Tres Special

fe8a5994c7pecial Pensionnat Tres Special

Marilyn Jess plays a teenager discovered by her aunt (?, XNK0225) having sex with her boyfriend (Guy Royer) and sent off, for the correction of her wicked ways, to a house run by Monique Carrere with maid Brigitte Verbecq. Although they pretend to be strict, on her first night, Marilyn discovers Monique and Brigitte having lesbian sex and then joined by Robert Le Ray to make a threesome. Next day she looks for the dildo they used and is discovered by Monique discovers her using it on herself. Monique spanks Marilyn. Then Marilyn turns the tables and spanks Monique. They end up having g/g sex. Dominique Aveline has sex with Brigitte in the kichen and Marilyn spies on that too. Brigitte gets Marilyn to strip and tease Jacques Marbeuf and then Brigitte has sex with him.

Lenght: 01:21:10

Year: 1979

Director: Alain Payet

Brigitte Verbecq   
Celine Gallone   
Lucette Gill   
Lucie Doll   
Marilyn Jess   
Monique Carrere   
Guy Royer   
Robert Le Ray   
Dominique Aveline   
Jacques Marbeuf   
Richard Lemieuvre   

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Ma Culotte Est Mouillee

47345349f4uillee Ma Culotte Est Mouillee

Eva, inspired by a sex-book and in the thrill of anticipation of her idea by the book starts ‘playing’ with her teddy. Than she phones her girlfriend and explains her idea: she wants to have a hot party at her eighteenth birthday.

Lenght: 01:18:01

Year: 1983

Director: Joe de Palmer

Brigitte Verbecq   
Cathy Stewart   
Elisabeth Bure   
Eva Kleber   
Dominique Irissou   
Alain L’Yle   
Andre Kay   

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