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Aunt Peg Goes Hollywood

f48a343d7elywood Aunt Peg Goes Hollywood

Actresses Lisa and Ronda Jo are roommates. While the former has casual sex with her director friend Jeff Howard, the latter has it with her cinematographer friend Kevin Jaye. A female still photographer later interviews Kevin and soon picks him up. Sexually aggressive actress Lee Carroll then picks up Jeff in a studio. First time porn actress Sandy gets a casting couch from a Mr. Jeremy. Kevin is called to photograph rich porn star Tara in her mansion, but she rather pick him up. Producer Aunt Peg takes Jeff to her Mexican mansion where she pressures him joining her and her buxom secretary Annie in bed. During the screen test, Annie seduces the projectionist. Afterwards, a delivery guy brings a new reel and uses it to seduce the receptionist. A female movie critic then seduces the movie’s “provert” (“a professional pervert who choreographs the sex scenes”).

Lenght: 01:09:59

Year: 1981

Director: Paul Vatelli

Juliet Anderson

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