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8f2e7d3c8ebabies Rollerbabies

This ribald sci-fi romp is set in the futuristic world of the late 21st century, a time when sex has been outlawed due to massive overpopulation. The populace is forced to swallow sex suppressant pills in order to keep their libidos in check. But one group of outlaws laughs at the restrictions placed on their privates — the Roller Babies. These roller skating sex kittens rebel against the sex-free society, doing whatever — and whoever — they please. They even have sex while still on skates! They get tangled up in a plot involving female sex robots and contact-free orgasms, but you can bet that they leave plenty of time for feverish fun! A fast-paced romp that’s filled with luscious, lusty ladies.

Lenght: 01:23:36

Year: 1976

Director: Carter Stevens

Susan McBain

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