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20b8ff73bbvixens Robovixens

Set far in the future, this torrid sci-si sexvid shows to what wild ends technology has advanced. Take the Good Time Girls, for example. They’re female robots who look and feel just like real women — but with endless sexual stamina and without any inhibitions! On their daily rounds, they blow more than just the circuits of countless satisfied customers. Lithesome lovely Bionca plays the woman who owns the Girls, and she’s set her sights on becoming the most popular call girl service in space! Featuring sterling performances from the lusty likes of Laurel Canyon and Dana Lynn, this is one trek into the future that you’ll be happy to make again and again. Plug into the future of sex — with Robovixens!

Lenght: 01:14:04

Year: 1988

Director: Eduardo Dinero


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