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Campus Cuties

def3fc3138cuties Campus Cuties

Plucky young Wendy (Nikki Charm) has just transferred to State University. This passionate preppie is delighted to find the debauched atmosphere of the horny dorm just perfect…especially with her new nymphomaniacal girlfriends (Taija Rae, Mauvais, and Tracey Adams).These CAMPUS CUTIES bring new meaning to the term cramming! And can they party! With the boys…The teachers… the Dean of Students… and even with each other! Join these student-sluts on their sextracurricular activities. it`s an eye-opening experience that`s all part of a new adult education… where headwork does ore than just broaden the mind!

Lenght: 01:16:00

Year: 1985

Director: Paul G. Vatelli

Mauvais De Noir

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