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Surfside Sex (1988)

e79ecf1a06x 1988 Surfside Sex (1988)

Feel the heat on the beach when passionate personal trainer Aja and her lusty girlfriends look for horny studs and sizzling sexual adventures! Aja’s first client is volutuous Trinity Loren. Together they exercise the gardener’s love-muscle to the max! Then, jogging on the beach presents some outrageous opportunities. Aja picks up a dude and rides his big swell while her girlfriends practice some carnal moves on a kung-fu expert! Lots more luscious lovemaking takes place until Aja teams up with Tanya Fox for a frantic three-way finale. You’ll love Surfside Sex… it’s a tidal wave of erotic encounters! Surf, sand and hot sex!

Lenght: 01:31:00

Year: 1988

Director: John Stagliano


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