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Mystery of the Golden Lotus

304577be95lotus Mystery of the Golden Lotus

Phaedra (Victoria Paris), a beautiful Egyptian Princess, lays dead in her pyramid tomb mourned by her lover, the handsome Aramta (Peter North) a Captain if the guard. With help from the Gods, some ancient scrolls and the secret of the Golden Lotus, he is able to bring her back to life. Our story takes us from the ancient year of the Pharaohs to the 1940′s where we find Dr. Roberts (Jon Martin) an Archeologist, searching for the secret, and a separate group of foreign spies also after the magic formula, all for their individual purpose. Join this group of good and bad on a journey of intrigue and sexual adventure culminating in the discovery of the mystique of “The Golden Lotus”.

Lenght: 01:46:53

Year: 1989

Director: Peter Davy

Victoria Paris

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