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On Golden Blonde

1046cbd368blonde On Golden Blonde

When a detour along a jogging path leads to St. Peter’s Gate. Alice is understandably upset as she discovers a twist of fate has called her to glory before her time. Apologetic but unable to entirely reverse the holy error, the Heavenly Gentleman assures Alice that he will, in due time, find a likely subject for her departed soul to possess as her own. In the meantime, to keep Alice’s unquiet spirit from flagging, he arranges temporary lodging with in a succession of soon-to-be-doomed young ladies; each a golden-haired beauty – provocative yet sadly straight-laced and each good at holding the frustrated time in their lives at bay. But our angel of mercy has little patience for the pale, prudish princesses and wanting to waste none of her brief hours on earth, Alice is quick to seize the moments, proving life is who, what, where, and when and how you make it.

Lenght: 01:19:40

Year: 1984

Director: Michael Phillips

Ginger Lynn Allen

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