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The Awakening of Sally

9f8cfff329sally The Awakening of Sally

Sally and her friend Jeanne are taking a college course in “Lesbianism.” Their professor has assigned a report on the subject, and provided the girls with videotapes for ‘research.’ Jeanne is especially excited as they view the tapes. For a long time she has wanted to make love to her beautiful friend. Sure enough, as they watch the lovely lesbians on the video, Sally gets turned on. The girls on screen are young, gorgeous, and completely uninhibited. They are lit and photographed with loving care to enhance the settings and bring out the warm, creamy flesh tones. All of the girls get so hot the screen shakes with their shuddering orgasms. Nothing is held back, as when three young beauties drink the semen of their absent boyfriends. Or the two young foxes who grind their pussies hard against each other till they are both gasping and spasming. After viewing numerous tapes, each more erotic then the one before, Sally is deeply stirred. Her latent lesbianism rises. Her love for women has been sleeping, and now her beautiful friend has touched Sally and awakened her.

Lenght: 01:21:05

Year: 1984

Director: Alison Hart

Kristara Barrington

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