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Sweet Sexy Slips

966ae69818slips Sweet Sexy Slips

Womanising Italian lingerie entrepreneur Ricardo Bertini tries to launch his newest collection in France, and – as you do – bed the local talent along the way. Problem is: his pretty new secretary Lisa won’t play ball; partly because of his womanising, and partly because she rather plays doll, especially with her girlfriend Minouche. Then there is a plot twist as Ricardo gets kidnapped by the local brainless criminals – a nice opportunity for the director to fit some bondage scenes in; poor Ricardo suffers some abuse many men would pay good money for. Ricardo cannot pay the ransom, as he’s broke, but Lisa (who comes from a wealthy family) bails him out and eventually true love prevails.

Lenght: 01:20:43

Year: 1982

Director: Michel Caputo

Richard Lemieuvre

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