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Black & Gold

When a trio of tantalizing tarts decide that their men aren’t doing enough to please them, they take matters into their own hands in this searing ode to interracial eroticism. Their men prefer to watch fights on TV or shoot hoops, but when these gorgeous gals put their minds to it, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of pure passion. Chessie Moore lavishes her massive mams on Sean Michaels in a great scene, while naturally buxom Rebecca Steele shines in the carnal clinch with Matt Lansing. Viper and Ray Victory enjoy some back door fun, and then Ray hooks up with shapely Ebony Ayes in an explosive finale! By the end, the guys have proven their passion in scene after scene of hard-pounding heat!

Lenght: 01 h 13 min 20 sec

Year: 1991

Director: Fred J. Lincoln

Chessie Moore

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