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Bacchanales Sexuelles

b173e73f49uelles Bacchanales Sexuelles

Valerie, a beautiful young girl, watches over her cousin’s place while he is away for six months. Not one to take advantage of her new “digs”, she spends her first night there reading, playing records and. calling her girlfriend Sophie over for some hot lesbian sex! Later that night, members of a crazed sex cult break in and mistakenly kidnap Sophie. It seems Valerie’s cousin, a member of this cult, has some incriminating photos and the leader wants to ruin his life. Realizing the mistake, the cult leader sends over a sultry French maid to seduce and kidnap Valerie (only AFTER some steamy sex, of course). Once the kidnapping plot is uncovered, Valerie and Sophie’s horny friend Fred head over to the cult’s mansion stronghold to put a stop to all this madness!

Lenght: 01:41:52

Year: 1974

Director: Jean Rollin

Joëlle Coeur

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