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Back Door Girls

This is an action packed collection of scenes where Hollywood Superstars show you their secret lust. These are the gals who want you to travel up the Hershey Highway and they want you to do it good . Seka, the blonde bombshell, whose had a thousand men and still aches for more, shows you how she loves to take it, slim, sleek Serena has a tight little place where she wants to feel something hard and fat slide in. Latin lover Vanessa Del Rio wants a big hunky guy to press against her with all his strength as he massages her cravings see these wonders of love-making along with the prettiest girls on the blue screen: Arcadia Lake, Crystal Dawn, Merle Michaels, Lisa Thatcher and baby-Faced Chris Cassidy

Lenght: 01 h 13 min 30 sec

Year: 1983

Director: N/A


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