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Hot Close-Ups

28f809605dse ups Hot Close Ups

In a French resort town, how do you entice gorgeous young women to a wild ‘n’ wanton open house? Well, first you’ve got to tickle their fancy by taking their photograph. Once you’ve got their attention, something sexy is bound to develop in HOT CLOSE-UPS…an intimate portrait of latin lust at it’s lubricious heights! Later that day in the secluded villa where the orgy is being held, the male hosts show off their glossy enlargements while the gals willingly reveal their box cameras for snap shots. From two-ways, to four ways, to six ways, Any way they can get it..they do! Discover an explosion of cinematography in the raw for both the amateur and the porno-professional.

Lenght: 00:56:53

Year: 1985

Director: José Bénazéraf

Gabriel Pontello

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