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Doctor Ginger

2d6d038112ginger Doctor Ginger

Ginger Lynn stars in this delirious dollop of merry medical mayhem, playing a sex therapist whose cures usually seem to involve some heated hands-on methods. Sometimes she just encourages her clients to engage in some steamy office hi jinx – but at others she just can’t resist jumping into the action herself! Ginger romps with Lynn Ray and Jerry Butler in one scorching early scene, delves into some wild group groping in an arousing orgy scene, and finishes the flick off by treating patient Tom Byron to a frantic, feverish fling. There’s just no slowing down this tight-bodied temptress once she gets up a head of steam! And believe us, with a doctor like Ginger, the medicine is sure to go down easy!

Lenght: 01:17:37

Year: 1984

Director: Michael Phillips

Ginger Lynn Allen

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