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Naked Eyes

83238b9889d eyes Naked Eyes

Naked Eyes, the fourth episode in the pseudo-soap Ice Cream series, makes me predict that this is what daytime television will be like in the year 2000. And won¢t that be wonderful! Some of the sex scenes here are long enough for Holly Housewife to mop the kitchen floor, feed the dog, send the kids off to school and still get back in time to see the next scene develop. Just like real soaps! Despite this common flaw, much of the sex is well done. The story opens in Herschel Savage¢s ice cream parlor. In this episode, fortune hunter Shone Taylor recounts a recent adventure in a distant, exotic land. It is via this flashback that we arrive inside a wealthy sheik¢s tent, where his harem, including Bunny Bleu and Susan Hart, entertain the Sheik (also played by Savage) and Taylor. In this setting, we are also treated to the lovely Raven in action. Raven¢s acting is a bit unconvincing, but who cares? She goes down like a champ. Bravo! Meanwhile, back at the ice cream parlor, waitresses Lynne Cartier and Misty Regan are heating things up with a wonderful lesbian scene that just set my little heart a-thumpin (thank you girls). Enter soda jerk Tom Byron and all three get it on. So this is it, another day at the old parlor. Good fun that will probably melt the whipped cream.

Lenght: 01:13:21

Year: 1985

Director: N/A

Misty Regan

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