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40 the Hard Way

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When four hot-to-trot fortysomethings gather for lunch at an exclusive eatery, the conversation quickly turns to items other than the menu. The women soon start gossiping about their philandering hubbies and trading sexy stories (which we then get to see in all their boobulous glory). Eventually, the plot picks up and the gals decide that if their men are going to play around, they certainly ought to be enjoying some extra-marital pleasures as well. There’s plenty of white-hot action from all of these older and bolder starlets, including one of the nastiest scenes ever from former Russ Meyer girl Kitten Natividad. Kitten takes on Sasha Gabor and James Lewis in a searing three-way, backdoor romp that really makes the most of her gigantic sweater pillows. A four-way fling between Valhalla, Alexis Gold and a pair of happy young hunks provides a dizzying erotic high point later on. Huge breasts, round backsides, vivacious and quite enthusiastic women — there’s certainly plenty to recommend in this one for fans of sex-mad mature ladies.

Lenght: 01:27:16

Year: 1991

Director: Giovanni

Toni Alessandrini

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