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Tales of the Backside

f13a0357f6ckside Tales of the Backside

It’s all about anal ladies! If you’ve never experienced the passion of an anal girl first hand, then this tape will show you what you’ve been missing. For anal women are the most excitable and exciting sex partner of all. They are obliging and sincere in their erotic submission to men, up for anything (so long as it leads to reaming) and constantly wet. With anal-erotic women, oral expertise and the innate desire to serve men with head is given. In short, an anal lady never lived who wasn’t also dynamite in bed in every other sensuous way. This totally explicit, non-stop hard action tape will show you, in stunning up-close detail, what the anal mystique is about. It’s the ultimate erotic adventure, and getting there is half the fun!

Lenght: 01:29:40

Year: 1986

Director: Bobby Hollander

Sharon Kane

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