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Getting Lucky

For Johnny, Daryl, and Moon grad night is a time to bust-out and party, and that’s exactly what they do in ‘Getting Lucky!’ Join the boys as they head out on the town for a night to remember, and get involved in some of the most outrageous sexual encounters to ever sizzle the screen! Johnny makes a sporting wager with two gorgeous hookers – whoever enjoys their love sessions the most has to pay! Daryl gets hooked up with a rich and beautiful older woman, and learns a thing or two about the ‘filthy rich.’ But it’s Moon, the class dork, who takes the cake when he gets involved with three horny chicks out to make a man come ten times in one night!

Lenght: 01 h 19 min 27 sec

Year: 1983

Director: Paul Vatelli

Janey Robbins

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