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Lust at Sea

d99dbc2f9cat sea Lust at Sea

You are passionately invited to go on the most erotic, sexciting pleasure cruise ever. Awaiting you on this wild, wet and way-out experience is a fantasy come true. Hard, hung hunks ballin’ with curvacious cuddly cuties from stern to stern, rear to aft, in arousing, titilating action.Join sex counselor Edwinna (entincingly portrayed by the fabulous Candie Evans) as she indoctrinates her shy but sex-hungry patients to the decadent but delicious pleasures that lie aboard this luxurious and lust-filled boat.Cummin’ on strong to fulfill their deepest fantasies is the ship captain, John Leslie, and his bold and horny crew. The sexplosive encounters that ensue on this erotic voyage makes for the most sexually satisfying adventure ever experienced.

Lenght: 01:13:05

Year: 1986

Director: Henri Pachard

John Leslie

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