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Girls who Love Girls 9

b0867e3f21irls 9 Girls who Love Girls 9

Horny’ barely begins to describe these sex-crazed sirens, each of them devoted to drawing out the best in their chosen female companions. It’s a
non-stop festival of fiery lesbian lust as these gals get together in twos and threes to experience the utmost in Sapphic satisfaction. Angela Baron heads the cast, a full-bodied Teutonic tart whose lust for life has never been on better display. Erica Boyer shares her hefty hooters with a gal pal in a fabulicious frolic, letting loose with one of her most unhinged girl-girl outings ever. And Stephanie Rage more than lives up to her name, lighting into her lady friend in a frenzied firecracker of the scene. Lesbian action at its sweaty, enticing best!

Lenght: 00:58:06

Year: 1989

Director: N/A

Angela Baron

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