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Very Sexy Ballet

It Doesn’t Get Any Dirtier!

Lonely Val (Valentina) is a beautiful ballerina searching for the ultimate physical thrill and erotic orgasm. Watching Laura (Porsche Lynn) and charismatic Ballet Master Mario (John Stagliano) make love in a deserted exercise room fills Val with a lustful longing that nothing can quench! Her horny surfer boyfriend and a piston-pumping physical trainer (Scott Irish) try to satisfy her, but fail. Even a hot dance party that turns into a steamy, lust-ridden orgy doesn’t make the grade. Finally her fantasy fulfillment comes true when she spends an evening with Mario. It’s an erotic encounter you won’t soon forget when these partners in passion get on the dance floor!

Lenght: 01 h 26 min 00 sec

Year: 1988

Director: John Stagliano

Delia Moore

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