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Black Lust

a8a49eaff2k lust Black Lust

Since the dawn of time, there has been comparisons about the sexual powers among the various races. Those living in hot climates seemed dark skin, passion burns! Certainly, the stars of this collection share an uncommon intensity of desire. They claw and tear at each others clothing in their eagerness to join bodies in unchecked lust. No act is too primal, no experiment too bizarre for these intrepid bedroom explorers. You are with them as they discover new worlds of eroticism. You are an honored guest as Shanna Evans, the spectacularly beautiful star of the hit film, “Fleshdance,” sets the screen on fire! Your pulse will pound in time to the furious fornication of Crystal Lake, as she takes on two enormous bucks. Black mystique? Believe it!

Lenght: 01:20:35

Year: 1983

Director: N/A

Tom Byron

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