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Motel Sweets

Eric Edwards has done it again with Motel Sweets. As producer, director, co-writer and star, he has fashioned a sexy romantic comedy that hits so close to home. In fact, it's just right out of your town, a one-night hideaway where you and yours can do your think, with only the motel inhabitants as your observing witnesses. And they are Eric, himself, as night manager, Taija Rae as the hooker, the bedraggled husband and his frustrated young wife, the town relax, the shy newlyweds, the night maid, the slimming young businessman, the traveling salesman, and lots more. All having a ball, enjoying it all, behind and in – front of their closed doors, at the Motel Sweets

Lenght: 01 h 11 min 45 sec

Year: 1987

Director: Eric Edwards

Taija Rae

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