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Hawaiian Heat 2

Welcome to Scotty Fox’s other half: Pt. 2 of Hawian Heat. In which he takes porn’s hottest stars to Hawaii, letting them loose on the volcanic black beaches, in the clear lagoons and under the crisp waterfalls of the world’s prettiest island. And guess what happens: They all get laid. And rather constantly! It’s Felicia, Tera Heart, Olivia, Vanessa, Dallas and more in Hawaiian Heat 2: Beach Tramps. With six action scenes and more beautiful scenery than a week of PBS specials. Or as the natives say, “alikuanamali” (That means “you’d be smiling too if you were getting $500 a night for hotel rooms!”) Aloha…

Lenght: 01 h 26 min 32 sec

Year: 1995

Director: Scotty Fox

Brittany Fox

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