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Black Magic

dfbc755e27magic Black Magic

The premise of this 1985 romp is simplicity itself. That old Black Magic, it’ll get you everytime… or at least whenever you gaze into Madame Andrea’s crystal ball! That’s why Stella and Gigi check out Andrea’s supernatural sex connection to get a peek at their own upcomming love lives. What these ebony vixens encounter is a shocking tour de chock up of frenetic fornicating as Madame Andrea’s studs turn their fantasies into reality. Then witness the torrid results of one young man’s exploration deep into Eileen’s virginity. After servicing a number of lucky clients Madame Andrea helps herself to a hearty serving of perversity as she engages her hottest studs in activities of the most lascivious kind. The cast is full of some of the most alluring and talented women of the mid-80s. The most exciting moments of the flick, though, feature Purple Passion. Also sometimes known as Jamela, Purple is a scrumptious sex kitten whose tasty frame gets driven every which way but loose by her partner. Purple’s sheer sexual energy and enthusiasm drives the whole thing relentlessly forward and provides the feature with its most unbridled scenes. A nice pick for fans of 80s hardcore or interested in early black starlets.

Lenght: 01:23:31

Year: 1986

Director: Charlie Diamond

Elaine Wood

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