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Tasty and Tight

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Can very intimate friendship between two tight and tasty trollops survive the rampant sexual cravings coursing through their veins? Will an incredible five foot package of irresistible beauty that devours any stud in her path drive a wedge of hatred through all of them? Will honorable, innocent men (???) stand rigid against the devilish temptations thrust in their faces…uh…paths? Do loyalty, decency and integrity count for anything, anymore? Do you really care? …N-N-A-H-H! Well, just pop this volcanic video in your VCR for a lot of harmless gasping. lusting and thrusting. it might change your view point…and your choice of friends! You’ll be asking yourself- “do I know any people like this?…Should I…? Why the heck don’t I…?

Lenght: 01:28:35

Year: 1990

Director: Le Lutz

Cheri Taylor

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