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Maisons Closes

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Jacques Mortaise, CMD looking for fun, walk around in Pigalle to find a place where he will be able to satisfy his desires and to forget his troubles. He ends in a nightclub where, by spending a lot of banknotes, he spent a pleasant night.
On the early morning, a bit screwed, he leaves the nightclub in a happy mood. He is so euphoric that he does not notice that 2 hobos are following him determined to rob him. No sooner said than done. Some hours later, Jacques Mortaise find himself in a dustbin. A poor chap notices his confusion and decides to help him. Jacques still upset but first of all still drunk, considers that chap as the saviour of the human race. He decides to celebrate the event and want to thank him by inviting him in his home.
Both of them arrive in front of a splendid mansion where Jacques pretends to live. The ”saviour” is convinced that this idea is created by the drunken Champagne. Especially because Jacques cannot enter into the house, the 2 hobos took his keys and moved in his home, clearly decided to stay there.
“If we have to choice between closed house or brothel (in French “maison close” means a house that is closed and also a brothel) let’s go to one that I know and that will welcome us”, says Jacques. So they go to that very particular house where lovely residents will, in thousand different ways, help them to live their troubles down.

Lenght: 01:18:10

Year: 1975

Director: Lucien Hustaix

Francoise Quentin

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