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Tender Flesh

b7403c896bflesh Tender Flesh

Tender Flesh (a.k.a. Sexophrenia), Rene Bond plays an inhibited housewife trapped in a sexless marriage to an old coot (Keith Erickson). She begins having trippy erotic dreams. A narrator wanders into the frame and explains to us that she is suffering from a disease called “Sex-o-phrenia” (“One of the oldest maladies.” he says.)
Pretty soon. Rene is clutching her head, contorting her face and becoming sex-crazed. (“Her alter-ego is trying to break through!”)
What all this means is lots of naked foolery, including a funny moment when she climbs on her horrified hubby and starts sucking his ham. (“You gutter slut! I will pray for your soul!”)
Another platter of lip-smacking fun from the heyday of hardcore. Collect ’em all!

Lenght: 00:48:25

Year: 1973

Director: N/A

Suzanne Fields

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