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Hollywood Swingers 9

fc0415a1b1gers 9 Hollywood Swingers 9

One look at Kelsey layed out in her birthday suit is argument enough for recognizing nude sunbathing as a spectator sport. Boyfriend J. Sheen prefers a more hands on approach to the game, and today he’s going to score! Rub-a-dub-dub, three sluts in a tub, Clits tits and snatches a rub, with nary a man to sub! That’s it folks, three beautiful babes in a tub full of bubbles working up a healthy love lather in a scene that’s anything but clean! Don prides himself on his reckless driving skills. One look at Melanies’s sexy oriental rear end, fills him with the compulsion to plow her! Melanie’s no stranger to the perils of the rocky road, but in this case, she fears that her back end’ll never be the same!

Lenght: 01:07:46

Year: 1993

Director: N/A

Kelsey Sheen

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