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How To Make A Model 6

ccc0dd4582odel 6 How To Make A Model 6

Nadia returns to pose with Rodney’s pecker. His 8×10 gets another happy workout in her mouth and pussy. Before leaving with a face full ‘o cum, she books another photo session. Rodney finds lusty, long-haired Dusty in the rain at the bus stop. They go. She stays. His dong grows under the umbrella. Back at the studio, Dusty is self conscious about her tiny tits, but Rodney assures her they’re a turn on. He proves it by showing her his hard penis and leaves no doubt by putting it in her pussy. She’s doubly convinced by an ample Rodney blast to the kisser! Angela needs photos for her dance act, but she’s shy about posing nude. Rodney relaxes her and soon clothes are hitting the floor. They hit the floor, too, and his penis hits her mouth and pussy before his cum hits her face! It’s time for Nadia’s photo shoot, so Rodney breaks in a new assistant, Salemia. While Nadia gets ready for posing, Rodney shows her what a good female assistant should do, and she does it very well! Growing impatient, he seduces Nadia right on the counter. Salemia joins in until Rodney collapses. The girls want more, so they do each other. Rodney finds just enough energy to cum on Salemia’s pussy, and “The Princess of Cream” Nadia licks up every drop!

Lenght: 01:51:31

Year: 1995

Director: Rodney Moore


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