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Breast Worx 11

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Look up “big tits” in the dictionary, and chances are you’ll find a picture of Kitten Natividad and her world-class mammaries. Look in volume 11 of Bobby Hollander’s Breast Worx and you’ll see the definitive queen of “Titillation” doing the deed …BIGTIME! Kitten and bosom buddy, Lee Carroll, let ‘em all hang out for an unbridled girl/girl session before calling on up-and-coming super-stud tanner to do mop-up honors. There’re in for a hot, humongous, hooter-humping by Tanner’s tail-thumping, throb thruster! And, as if that isn’t enough…Jim and Dee Dee proceed to pull out all the stops for the grand finale that will have you standing with a big, one-gun salute. It’s hard…to beat it!

Lenght: 01:01:34

Year: 1991

Director: Bobby Hollander

Dee Dee Reeves

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