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Breast Worx 5

461385fdb6worx 5 Breast Worx 5

When Greta invites two of her favorite female boosome buddies over to play cards, strip pokers the name of the game — and all the players are wild!!! Push comes to shove and after several incredible pairs are revealed, a cheat is discovered. This babe’s got cards in places the sun never dreamed of illuminating! When irate neighbor, Jack, explodes on the scene, he proves to be “aces” at adapting to the 3 to 1 odds scenario and shows off some real talent of his own in the vein of 3 pair manipulation. Truly an art in the game of Poke-’er. Next up, Red, uses her bodacious Ta Ta’s to play hide and seek with boyfriend, Carlos, and Charisma finds herself a pizza man whose specialty is delivering the works. Mountains of fun!!

Lenght: 01:16:44

Year: 1991

Director: Bobby Hollander


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