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Mr. Peepers Amateur Home Videos 28

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With twenty-seven volumes of the world’s favorite amateur video series under his belt, the Peepster shows no visible wear or tear from his newfound celebrity status. The plain fact is that he loves every bit of it. If he had it to do over again, he would have gone public years ago.For scene one, Professor Peepers casts his pointer in the direction of the college campus where he finds nubile Tami and boyfriend Tommy in a dorm room cram session. It may be rush week but Tommy’s in no hurry to withdraw from this class piece of coed.The second scene finds out trench avenger at the neighborhood video outlet for a close encounter with Sexy Sadie and her humungous eye poppers an eyeful of nasties with handfuls to spare. We close with a charge, as Electra_a brunette vixen with a flair for solo indulgence gets down and dirty with her very own joy toys. It’s Peepermania! it’s HOT!!

Lenght: 01:04:05

Year: 1991

Director: N/A


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